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i Control Pty Ltd is a specialist Building Automation Systems Integrator. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate our client’s facilities to operate at their optimum level of efficiency and performance while providing user friendly systems and service at a level that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Utilising devices based on Tridium’s revolutionary NiagaraAX framework we are able to integrate the many diversified systems found in buildings to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by the sharing of information that each of these systems contain.

Automation systems are no longer simply for the control of your air conditioning plant nowadays we find ourselves integrating with:

  • your utility metering for immediate strategy changes
  • your attendance or booking system to reduce air conditioning and lighting in untenanted areas.
  • Your lighting systems
  • Your car park Carbon Monoxide (CO) system to reduce ventilation run-time, whilst ensuring the safety of your tenants.
  • In fact, information from just about any system you have in place that we can use to perfect your facilities operation
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